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Services we offer.

Services we can do for you on your cold stores.

As well as producing and selling cold stores, we also offer a few different services you can use to help with all your cold room needs. If you already have a cold room bought from us or someone else and you need some help with fixing, fabricating or moving it then we can help. If you haven't got a cold room yet but you are looking into it and want some help with services then we'd love for you to get in touch with us.

Cold Store Rental.

renting cold rooms

Our unique cold storage rental and repair service is our core business. Providing a completely bespoke tailored cold storage solution for your business on a flexible rental basis. Each of our cold storage solutions are tailor made to fit into the space you have available at no extra cost. We are a family run business, dedicated to providing a completely custom solution to your cold storage needs. From design through construction and delivery and installation, we ensure your every requirement is fulfilled and at a price you can afford.

Chiller Room Repairs.

chiller room repairs

We believe our cold stores are some of the best on the market, but just like anything else sometimes things break down or need replacing. In such an event we can send our specialised team out to you anywhere in the country at a days notice to get you up and running again.

Any of your cold store needs can be met, whether it be providing a coldstore to keep your business running while we fix yours or simply providing transport back to our workshop for repairs.

Cold Store Fabrication.

cold store fabrication

We fabricate cold storage solutions for any purpose and to fit into any environment. Whether you have a restricted space, a difficult area to get to or a hostile environment, we will fabricate a cold store to fit.

Once we've agreed the specifications for your cold store, we will fabricate it in our state of the art factory. We keep a number of fully functioning cold storage units in our factory, waiting to be customised to fit our client's requirements.

The fabrication process may be simple or it may mean extending, heightening, lowering, shortening, adding a right angle to or adding/moving the entrance. The totally custom fabrication of the cold store unit is only one of the reasons our customers keep coming back year on year.

Project Management.

cold room project management

Not every company is as experienced as us in the cold store solutions field and in turn don't understand important facts about cold stores and a project centred around them. A cold room project can involve many different things. Some small businesses may simply need help planning which cold room to use where and when during a certain time of year or event. A larger company many need help designing massive project that goes on for months and needs many different cold stores. Large companies may also be interested in designing their own cold room alongside us that does a certain task that our other cold rooms have been previously unable to. Some of these things may be the rate of cooling, the lowest or highest temperature, the type of coolant used or even the materials used in the cold room. We enjoy working with our clients on their cold room projects and ensuring the safety and efficiency of the whole project.

Cold Room Servicing.

servicing cold rooms

Maintaining and checking a cold rooms materials and integrity is vital in order to ensure there aren't going to be malfunctions or breakages in the cold store. We would much rather find a problem early and deal with in instead of waiting and finding out when the cold room has broken and everything inside has heated up.