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Cold Storage Solutions.

Many people don't fully understand the great services a great cold room can do for your business or event. Have a look through this list to learn a little more about the products we make and what industries they can be used for effectively.

Using our brilliantly designed cold rooms means you can centralise your refrigerated storage in one place and so decrease costs in many areas. Running costs of a chiller room is much less than multiple regular freezers and the fact all your products are in the same place improves workflow and space.

If your warehouse or office isn't big enough to warrant a large walk in cold store then we can manage a simple project in order to fit your coldstore externally and allow you to gain much more valuable indoor space.

Modular cold rooms are another great product that we manufacture. Modular cold stores are most commonly used in the food industry. Our cold stores are made from food friendly materials in order to keep things fresh and safe to eat. Our modular cold rooms are more complicated than regular chiller rooms but the advantages they offer, especially in the food industry are great.

KDM Solutions Cold Storage Dimensions
External Dimension Internal Dimension Model
6096 x 2896 x 2700mm
20'0" x 9'6" x 8'10"
5180 x 2672 x 2260mm
17'0" x 8'9" x 8'6"
walk in freezer
6096 x 3804 x 2700mm
20'0" x 12'6" x 8'10"
5180 x 3580 x 2260mm
17'0" x 11'9" x 8'6"
coldstore construction
9250 x 2896 x 2700mm
30'4" x 9'6" x 8'10"
8334 x 2672 x 2260mm
27'4" x 8'9" x 8'6"
chiller room
9250 x 3804 x 2700mm
30'4" x 12'6" x 8'10"
8334 x 3580 x 2260mm
27'4" x 11'9" x 8'6"
chilled storage
12192 x 2896 x 2700mm
40'4" x 9'6" x 8'10"
11276 x 2672 x 2260mm
37'4" x 8'9" x 8'6"
12192 x 3804 x 2700mm
40'4" x 12'6" x 8'10"
11276 x 3580 x 2260mm
37'0" x 11'9" x 8'6"
modular coldroom
14425 x 2896 x 2700mm
47'4" x 9'6" x 8'10"
13509 x 2672 x 2260mm
44'4" x 8'9" x 8'6"
blast freezer
13425 x 3804 x 2700mm
44'4" x 12'6" x 8'10"
12509 x 3580 x 2260mm
43'4" x 11'9" x 8'6"
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Portable Cold Stores.

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Our portable cold stores are some of our most superior products we produce and compete brilliantly with all other devices on the market. Our cold rooms can be produced in a lot of sizes that can benefit any size warehouse or building. Our cold rooms can be produced to accommodate 10, 14, 16, 22, 26, 31 and 34 pallets and up to 3 pallets wide. Please note that cold stores of smaller and bigger sizes can be produced and sold, if you require this please make an enquiry so we can talk through it.

This all round brilliant freezer complies with every relevant standard available and the even better part is that you can rent this from us on a very flexible basis. Renting this cold room can be great if you have a weekend event or if you're not entirely convinced you need a cold store.

Custom Cold Storage.

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Cold rooms are unsurprisingly quite large. We measure their size by how many pallets they can hold. We also understand that the sizes of our cold stores aren't going to be perfect for everybody. Some may struggle to find the room or capital for a regular size one or others may need an extra large one to suit a supermarket or such. Since we get this problem with clients from time to time, we now allow you to work with us on special projects to customise the size and materials of your cold store. We want to help you suit the cold room perfectly to your needs as a business.

Specialised Cold Room.

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As written about above, our specialised cold rooms can be used in the food and restaurant industry in order to take advantage of the customisable features and the food safe materials we use when making the cold room. Our specialised cold rooms can be built in a variety of thicknesses. We can also use a range of insulation in order to achieve different things. It's important to get the wall thickness and insulation right so that your cold room will work efficiently in your industry.