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KDM Solutions LTD Portable Cold Store

The obvious choice for all events.

Portable Cold Storage Fabrication, Rental and Refurbishment are what we've been doing for years, offering competitive prices and fabrication solutions. We can offer Portable Coldstore Rental, Repair & Refurbishment of your Existing Cold Storage Units. We can also supply Coldstores in sizes ranging from 14 pallet stores through to 34 pallet at 2 and 3 pallet wide delivered and installed by us, directly to your site.

All the units on our fleet have gone through a full refurbishment program through our dedicated workshop and the relevant temperature calibration and F Gas checks have been carried out. We use Hubbard deltas or carrier electra units on the boxes offering temperature ranges of +25 to -25.

Why Choose Us?

KDM Solutions is a great family run business in rural England. We deliver, repair and build coldstores all over the United Kingdom and our brilliantly trained, finely tuned staff help businesses large and small take their business to the next level. We have a fast working team that are efficient and unobtrusive when working on your premises and very thorough when repairing or building a cold store back at our home workshop.

We have years of experience in the portable cold store rental and cold store repairs. We are always trying to develop great relationships with our clients and the people using our cold stores. Our ability and willingness to deal with and answer any requests or questions a client has, has propelled us to one of the top cold storage firms in the country.

Cold Store Rental.

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Our unique cold storage rental and repair service is our core business. Providing a completely bespoke, tailored cold storage solution for your business on a flexible rental basis. Each of our cold storage solutions are tailored to fit into the space you have available at no extra cost.

Chiller Room Repairs.

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We believe our cold stores are some of the best on the market, but just like anything else sometimes things break down or need replacing. In such an event we can send our specialised team out to you anywhere in the country at a days notice to get you up and running again.

Cold Store Fabrication.

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We fabricate cold storage solutions for any purpose and to fit into any environment. Whether you have a restricted space, a difficult area to get to or a hostile environment, we will fabricate a cold store to fit. We can also fabricate cold stores to attach to the side of other cold rooms or even buildings.

Project Management.

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Not every company is as experienced as us in the cold store solutions field and in turn don't understand important facts about cold stores and a project centred around them. A cold room project can involve many different things. Click below to learn more about what we can do.

Cold Store Industries

About KDM Solutions

Welcome to KDM Solutions. If you don't know already, we are a cold store and chiller room transport company. We have had more than two decades of experience with cold rooms and have a great team that work on all our projects and clients. KDM Solutions cold storage initially started as a family run business, that operated all over the country ensuring that every business using one of our cold rooms gets the best out of it and doesn't break down. We spend a lot of time travelling around and servicing cold rooms to ensure no breakdowns occur.

We are based in rural north yorkshire with a nice amount of space to work on some very innovative new ideas to make cooling products and food easier, cheaper and faster. We don't just aim to provide our customers with what they are requesting but in the background we are trying to make some great contributions to the cold store transport industry. Currently we are doing some great work with different coolant and gas that's much better for the environment.