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Cold Rooms for the Fruit & Veg Industry

Fruit and Veg cold rooms.

After fruit and vegetables have been grown it's often important to keep them cool or frozen to increase their shelf life. Freezing food like fruit and veg is one of the oldest and most reliable ways of preserving its taste, texture and nutritional value. The fact that this happens when food products are simply cooled may be a little confusing but in fact the cool temperature prevents the growth of microorganisms, it reduces chemical reactions and metabolic reactions are delayed.

Freezing is one of several ways of preserving food for extended periods of time. It is generally described as superior to canning or dehydration. It isn't enough to just put fresh fruit and veg in one of our cold stores and freeze it. Various things need to be done but one of the main things is the temperature. Our cold rooms can be set to a very wide range of temperatures, including -18 degrees, which is usually the recommended temperature for freezing fruit and veg for preservation purposes.

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portable cold storage Our portable cold stores are some of our most superior products we produce and compete brilliantly with all other devices on the market. Our cold rooms can be produced in a lot of sizes that can benefit any size warehouse or building. Our cold rooms can be produced to accommodate 10, 14, 16, 22, 26, 31 and 34 pallets and up to 3 pallets wide. Please note that cold stores of smaller and bigger sizes can be produced and sold, if you require this please make an enquiry so we can talk through it.

This all round brilliant freezer complies with every relevant standard available and the even better part is that you can rent this from us on a very flexible basis. Renting this cold room can be great if you have a weekend event or if you’re not entirely convinced you need a cold store.

Modular Controlled Rooms

modular cold rooms As written about above, modular cold rooms are commonly used in the food and restaurant industry in order to take advantage of the customisable features and the food safe materials we use when making the cold room. Our modular cold rooms can be built in a variety of thicknesses. We can also use a range of insulation in order to achieve different things. It's important to get the wall thickness and insulation right so that your cold room will work efficiently in your industry.