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Frequently Asked Questions

After decades of working in the refrigerated transport business we have come across a very varied amount of questions. Some very simple and almost unnecessary but others that area important and make the difference between making a huge mistake on an order and getting everything right.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have if you send us an email or give us a call but have a look through this list of frequently asked questions about coldstore rental, repair and much more.

How can I get a cold room delivered?

Our highly trained and experienced team will be sent out to your location along with your cold room and our special set of tools. Once arriving at your location they will ensure the intended location is suitable for the cold room, detach the coldstore from the trailer and proceed to install it on your site. Our team will do multiple checks to ensure everything is safe and working properly before leaving.

I want to rent the cold room for longer than originally agreed.

We are more than happy to rent our cold rooms out to you for a longer amount of time that originally agreed If you are in the situation where you predict you will need the cold room for an extended period of time, please get in touch with us at the earliest time possible. If we don't have much notice then the cold room may have already been arranged at another location, though if this happens we can facilitate your needs with another solution.

To get in touch with us about renting a cold store for longer then please send us a message of give us a call from this page HERE.

What can I put in my cold store?

Each type of cold room is built to store different things though you can reliably store pretty much anything you want in them. This could be pharmaceutical products, fruit, veg, seeds, flowers, frozen food and much more.

If you navigate to the type of cold room you are interested in there will be a list of recommended industries.

Where can I put my cold room?

Where you put your cold is your choice but obviously cold room size and space will restrict you. If you are looking to buy a custom cold room to fit a certain room or warehouse then get in touch with us and and we can come and fit it perfectly.

Do we sell cold stores or just rent them?

Yes we do! Selling cold rooms is one of our biggest departments. We have a great range of cold rooms to build and sell. We can suits the needs of any project and budget so give us a call or send us a message and we will get on with meeting all the needs you have as fast as possible.

Can I control the temperature of my Cold Room?

Yes this is possible. Most of our cold rooms are built to be used between about -40 and +40 degrees. We can also build custom machines that alter temperature automatically on time delays. Give us a call to talk about this some more.