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Cold Store Temperature.

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Area of the Cold Store.

Cold rooms are unsurprisingly quite large. We measure their size by how many pallets they can hold. We also understand that the sizes of our cold stores aren't going to be perfect for everybody. Some may struggle to find the room or capital for a regular size one or others may need an extra large one to suit a supermarket or such. Since we get this problem with clients from time to time, we now allow you to work with us on special projects to customise the size and materials of your cold store. We want to help you suit the cold room perfectly to your needs as a business.

We also love working on bigger projects with our clients. If you work in an industry that needs a cold store that will perform specific tasks then we would love to help. One of these tasks may be something like changing the temperature of the cold room by a specific amount at a specified time. These are bigger projects than just customising how the cold room is built and requires more time and planning to get right.

If you are interested in any project of this nature please enter your email in the enquire box on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Portable Cold Store Features


portable cold storageOur unique design of fluorescent lighting is fitted in the centre of the ceiling to offer the very best dispensation of light. This complies with the official level 4 picking operations and does not limit the coldstore to storage applications only.

Health, Safety & Preventative Damage Features

portable cold storageEvery unit is fitted with impact step protectors, lockable doors and locking door bars as standard. Emergency lighting, externally mounted audible and visible man-trap and temperature alarms, provide all the necessary safety features.

We take the health and safety of our cold rooms very seriously. As you can see for one example on the image to the left, We include stickers, signs and safety features all over each cold room. We have things like quick escape buttons inside that anyone stuck can press and be released immediately. You will also see several alarms and posters that are placed on the outside of the cold room that will alert you of impending danger and also teach you about the things you need to be weary of.

Environmental Consideration

portable cold storageThe latest in refrigeration and insulation combine to give the maximum efficiency and therefore reduced electrical power consumption. The refrigeration unit is also equipped with specially developed low-noise condenser fans. We have recently become one of the only companies using a new, very environmentally friendly and high GWP refrigerant in our new cold stores. We are fully certified to work with F gas to better design and build our cold rooms that will ultimately save you money in electric.

Delivery & Installation

portable cold storageOur experienced and fully qualified C.I.T.B. delivery and installation team carry out all portable cold storage installations. Pre-delivery site surveys and inspections are carried out prior to each unit delivery in order to ensure your site is safe for a cold store and we wil be able to deliver and install your chiller room properly.

Cold Store Specifications & Extras

  • Sliding Doors
  • Extra Doors
  • Ramps
  • Dock Level Platforms
  • Dual Compartments
  • Racking
  • Wide Span Links
  • Extra Lighting
  • Cold Store Linking
  • Linking to Factories
  • Backup Refrigeration Units

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