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KDM Solutions Servicing

Get your old cold store serviced by us.

Maintaining and checking a cold rooms materials and integrity is vital in order to ensure there aren't going to be malfunctions or breakages in the cold store. We would much rather find a problem early and deal with in instead of waiting and finding out when the cold room has broken and everything inside has heated up.

It's worth saying that our cold rooms very rarely malfunction on their own but we still think it's important to check up on them and change anything we find that may have been damaged or degraded.

Our team have all had extensive training on how to build and fix cold stores, meaning they can quite often find and diagnose a problem with a cold store within just a few minutes. If there are no evident problems then we can proceed with our maintenance checks. This consists of a very thorough, tried and tested routine that will check every significant part of the cold store and will also include updating and changing things that are either worn out or are out of date.

Qualified Engineers

We have a dedicated team of highly qualified refrigeration, fabrication and electrical engineers that are on hand 24/7 to fix your refrigeration or Air Conditioning problems.

No Job Too Big or Too Small

We repair & service commercial, portable and factory equipment at a very competitive rates. We are capable of working on the largest installations down to the very small. You never know when your refrigeration or air conditioning is going to fail so we are on call 24 hours a day to cover anywhere in the UK & Ireland.

Problem Solving on an Industrial Scale

Fixing problems is always stressful and most of the time we are called out on time sensitive jobs where thousands of pounds worth of products could deteriorate if we don't arrive and fix the issue in record time. It may be something as small as a faulty thermostat or it may be as bad as a forklift ripping the side of cold store off.

Fully Equipped Mobile Workshops

We will arrive with all materials and equipment needed to carry out immediate repairs to get you back up and running. If the work requires more comprehensive repairs then we can provide you with a quotation there and then to carry out the work and schedule a time and date to carry out the work.

Key things to know:

  • Fast response times
  • Specialised teams
  • State of the art equipment
  • Thorough servicing
  • Very Safe processes