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Rent Cold Stores from KDM Solutions

Perfect for short events or limited needs.

Our unique cold storage rental and repair service is our core business. Providing a completely bespoke tailored cold storage solution for your business on a flexible rental basis. Each of our cold storage solutions are tailor made to fit into the space you have available at no extra cost. We are a family run business, dedicated to providing a completely custom solution to your cold storage needs. From design through construction and delivery and installation, we ensure your every requirement is fulfilled and at a price you can afford.

Our rental services have several advantages to it. We offer greater flexibility than most competing rental services. We can work alongside you and offer the rental of a very varied list of cold stores. We can provide cold room rental for very long and short periods of time. If you need an urgent cold room to substitute a broken one or even as an extra if your business is under a lot of pressure. Secondly there is the subject of price. We are rarely beaten on our cold room rental prices and the services we provide only make our prices more competitive.

KDM Solutions vows to ensure a complete survey of your needs before we go any further. This is done so that you won't rent a coldstore that would be of no use to you. We want to provide you with the best tools for your task at the best price we can offer.

Flexible Cold Store Rental Terms

We are extremely flexible with our rental agreements and each one is tailored to meet your requirements, whether your business is seasonal and you don't need a cold store all year round or you require one for a specific length of time, be that a couple of months or any number of years we will tailor an affordable rental solution just for you.

Cold Storage Installation & Removal

Our engineers will install the cold store at your chosen location and at a time and date to suit you. We will always try to fit in with your desired schedule rather than dictating our own. Sometimes working through the night when it's more convenient than shutting part of a factory down during the day. Depending on your requirements we supply and fabricate everything you need to go with your cold store.

KDM Solutions Cold Storage Dimensions
External Dimension Internal Dimension Model
6096 x 2896 x 2700mm
20'0" x 9'6" x 8'10"
5180 x 2672 x 2260mm
17'0" x 8'9" x 8'6"
walk in freezer
6096 x 3804 x 2700mm
20'0" x 12'6" x 8'10"
5180 x 3580 x 2260mm
17'0" x 11'9" x 8'6"
coldstore construction
9250 x 2896 x 2700mm
30'4" x 9'6" x 8'10"
8334 x 2672 x 2260mm
27'4" x 8'9" x 8'6"
chiller room
9250 x 3804 x 2700mm
30'4" x 12'6" x 8'10"
8334 x 3580 x 2260mm
27'4" x 11'9" x 8'6"
chilled storage
12192 x 2896 x 2700mm
40'4" x 9'6" x 8'10"
11276 x 2672 x 2260mm
37'4" x 8'9" x 8'6"
12192 x 3804 x 2700mm
40'4" x 12'6" x 8'10"
11276 x 3580 x 2260mm
37'0" x 11'9" x 8'6"
modular coldroom
14425 x 2896 x 2700mm
47'4" x 9'6" x 8'10"
13509 x 2672 x 2260mm
44'4" x 8'9" x 8'6"
blast freezer
13425 x 3804 x 2700mm
44'4" x 12'6" x 8'10"
12509 x 3580 x 2260mm
43'4" x 11'9" x 8'6"
freezer room

Key things to know:

  • Vast range
  • All sizes
  • Delivered and installed
  • Fast delivery and installation
  • Flexible rental terms
  • Easily portable cold stores
  • Easily purchasable
  • Custom features available

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